A Bold Vision for Our Future: Why I, FUJI, Am Your Best Choice for Congress

US National Debt: Over 34,000,000,000,000.00
US Total Debt: Over 97,000,000,000,000.00
As of January 20, 2024.

In a time when the United States grapples with a soaring national debt (over $34 trillion) or over $97 trillion total debt, exacerbated by events like the Afghanistan and Iraq Wars, the Great Recession, and the COVID-19 pandemic, I stand before you as the only congressional candidate offering realistic and achievable solutions. I am FUJI, an independent candidate committed to pioneering innovative strategies, including a joint US-China currency, negotiating debt forgiveness with China, and introducing a new economic model, ‘ Peace, Prosperity, and Security’.

Understanding the Gravity of Our National Debt
The national debt crisis, fueled by factors such as tax cuts, stimulus programs, and unemployment-induced revenue drops, requires more than conventional approaches. As we’ve seen from fiscal years 2019 to 2021, with a nearly 50% increase in spending, the traditional methods by Democrat and Republican career politicians aren’t cutting it.

The Uniqueness of My Approach
While career politicians like Democrat Sara Jacobs and Republican Bill Wells offer no realistic solutions, their approaches are bound by conventional and harmful partisan party lines. In contrast, my independent candidacy allows me to propose bold, unprecedented measures to address our fiscal challenges.

Innovative Solutions for a Sustainable Future

  1. Joint US-China Currency: I propose the creation of a joint currency with China. This groundbreaking move could stabilize global markets and foster stronger economic ties, reducing the risks associated with our national debt.
  2. Negotiated Debt Forgiveness: Almost a trillion dollars of our debt is owned by China. I plan to negotiate with China for substantial debt forgiveness, which could dramatically reduce our national debt and ease financial pressures.
  3. ‘Peace, Prosperity, and Security’ Economic Model: My vision includes a new economic model promoting global peace and cooperation. This approach focuses on financial metrics and creating a world where economic stability supports peace and security.

Why Your Vote is a Vote for Change
By voting for me, you’re not just electing a congressperson but endorsing a vision that redefines our approach to global economics and diplomacy. The strategies I propose are designed to address the immediate concerns of the national debt and to lay the groundwork for a future characterized by international cooperation and sustainable prosperity.

As we stand at this critical juncture, our choices in leadership have never been more important. In me, you have a candidate who dares to think differently, to challenge the status quo, and to offer tangible, innovative solutions to our most pressing problems. A vote for FUJI is for a future where we tackle the national debt head-on and pave the way for an era of peace, prosperity, and security.


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