A Fresh Voice for California: Bridging Divides and Protecting Union Jobs

As an independent anti-war and pro-union candidate for Congress, I stand at a unique juncture where the traditional political lines blur, enabling a fresh perspective that California desperately needs. My campaign is built on the foundation of pro-union principles, a commitment to bipartisan cooperation, and a strong anti-war stance, making me the best candidate to represent the diverse interests of our state’s municipal, county, and state workers.

Uniting for Union Jobs

California’s workforce is its backbone, and I am a staunch advocate for the rights and protections of union members. I understand that the strength of our state lies in the hands of those who build, maintain, and drive our communities. As a pro-union candidate, my focus is on safeguarding the jobs that form the lifeblood of our economy. I am dedicated to ensuring that legislation passed at both state and federal levels serves to protect these vital roles, ensuring job security and fair wages for all union members.

Bipartisan Efforts for Meaningful Legislation

In a political landscape often dominated by division, I am committed to bridging the gap between Democrats and Republicans. My independent status is not just a label – it’s a commitment to transcending party lines for the greater good of California and its workers. I firmly believe that meaningful, impactful legislation can only be achieved through collaboration and understanding across the political spectrum. This approach is essential to address the challenges facing our state, from healthcare to education, and most importantly, the protection of union jobs.

Keeping Tax Dollars at Home

As an anti-war candidate, my focus is on prioritizing domestic interests, particularly the protection and advancement of union jobs. I advocate for keeping U.S. tax dollars within our borders, supporting our local economies and infrastructure rather than funding military endeavors overseas. This stance is not just about fiscal responsibility – it’s about investing in our people, our communities, and our future. By redirecting funds towards domestic improvement, we can ensure that California’s workers are supported, and our state continues to thrive.

Your Voice in Congress

My campaign is more than just a series of policies – it’s a movement towards a more inclusive, cooperative, and worker-focused future. As an independent candidate for Congress, I am not bound by party agendas or interests. Instead, my allegiance lies with the hardworking people of California.

I am the only congressional candidate with solutions to our tens and tens of trillion-dollar debt problem compounded by the looming fiscal dangers of the BRICS devaluing our US dollar and thereby harming our hard-earned pensions for our union members.

I am here to be your voice, to fight for your rights, and to ensure that our state remains a beacon of progress and opportunity for all.

Join the Movement

California stands at a crossroads, and the choices we make now will define our future. I invite you to join me in this journey towards a brighter, more united future for our state. Together, we can ensure that union jobs are protected, bipartisan cooperation flourishes, and our tax dollars are invested wisely. With your support, we can make a meaningful difference in Congress and keep California moving forward.


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