A Future-Focused Choice: Why Union Voters Should Support a Pro-School Choice Congressional Candidate Like FUJI

Dear Union Members and Educators,

As an experienced educator and a pro-school choice advocate running for Congress, I understand the hesitation that many of you might feel in diverging from the traditional path of supporting candidates endorsed or supported by teacher unions, like Democrat Sara Jacobs or Republican Bill Wells. To be sure, the balance between teacher rights and student needs are and will be an emotional and contentious issue for the foreseeable future; especially for our union members that are concerned parents with kids in our overcrowded, outdated and unhealthy school building, public school system.

However, I am reaching out to you today to present a compelling argument as to why, at this critical juncture, casting your vote for a pro-school choice candidate like myself is not only a rational decision but also an essential one for safeguarding your future, your pensions, and the economic vitality of our community.

The Direct Link Between School Choice and Economic Prosperity

At the heart of the school choice movement is a commitment to improving education quality for all students. By introducing healthy competition and innovation in education, we can raise the bar for educational outcomes. This is not just about providing more options; it’s about enhancing the quality of education across the board. A better-educated workforce is inherently more productive and innovative, leading to a more prosperous, stable, and robust economy.

Enhancing Tax Revenue Collection through a Stronger Economy

A more prosperous, stable, and robust economy, fueled by a well-educated workforce, directly contributes to increased tax revenue collection. This is not a theoretical concept but a practical economic principle. Better-educated people are more likely to secure higher-paying jobs, start successful businesses, and contribute more significantly to the tax base. This increased tax revenue is crucial for funding public services, including the pensions and benefits you rely on as union members.

Safeguarding Your Pensions and Livelihood

Your pensions and livelihoods are directly tied to the state of our economy and the effectiveness of our education system. By supporting school choice, you invest in a future where the next generation is better equipped for success. This success translates into a more stable and prosperous economy from which your pensions are funded. Voting for a pro-school choice candidate is a vote to safeguard your financial future.

Aligning with Your Core Values as Educators

As educators and union members, your core mission has always been to support the best interests of students. School choice aligns perfectly with this mission by putting the needs of students first and allowing for educational environments that cater to diverse learning styles and needs. Supporting school choice extends your commitment to academic excellence and equity.

A Call for Unity and Forward Thinking

I understand the historical alliance between teacher unions and specific political candidates. However, the landscape of education and our economy is changing. We must adapt our strategies to ensure we are included.

By supporting a pro-school choice congressional candidate, you are not abandoning your union values but evolving them to meet the demands of a rapidly changing world.

I ask for your support as a candidate and a fellow educator who shares your commitment to a brighter future. Your vote for a pro-school choice candidate is for economic stability, enhanced educational outcomes, and safeguarding your hard-earned pensions.

Together, let’s make a choice that ensures prosperity for generations to come.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Congressional Candidate and Experienced Educator


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