A Pledge to California’s Military Families: Advocating for a 10% DIC Increase

To the valiant military families of California, I stand with you in your time of need. As a prospective U.S. House of Representatives member, I am championing a 10% increase in Dependency and Indemnity Compensation (DIC) exclusively for surviving spouses residing in our great state of California.

Why Focus on California?

  1. Higher Cost of Living: California’s cost of living is among the highest in the nation. This 10% increase in DIC benefits is designed to address the unique financial challenges our state’s military families face.
  2. Honoring Californian Service Members and Their Families: Our state has a proud history of military service. Enhancing the DIC benefits for Californians is a tribute to the sacrifices made by our local heroes and their loved ones.
  3. Supporting California’s Community Pillars: Many surviving spouses in California are integral to the fabric of our communities. By supporting them, we are investing in the strength and resilience of our state.
  4. California’s Unique Economic Landscape: Recognizing the diverse economic landscape of California, this increase aims to provide meaningful support where it is most needed, ensuring that benefits reflect the realities of living in our state.

A Promise to Our Californian Heroes
This initiative is about more than just numbers; it’s about honoring a promise to those who have served from California. It’s a commitment that when they serve, their families will not be left to face financial hardship alone.

A Call to My Fellow Californians
I urge the people of California and my congressional candidate colleagues to support this proposal. It is a concrete expression of our gratitude and respect for those who have made the ultimate sacrifice. Let us unite in this cause and show our military families that California recognizes their service and stands ready to support them.

Let’s make this increase a reality by sending a clear message to our military families in California: You are not alone. Your sacrifice is deeply appreciated, and your well-being is a priority in the Golden State. Through this action, we honor our heroes with more than just words – with the support and recognition they so rightfully deserve.


After applying an additional 10% increase to the already adjusted Dependency and Indemnity Compensation (DIC) rates, here’s the further revised monthly rates along with the original rates for each pay grade:

  • Enlisted Ranks:
  • E–1: New rate: $1,273 (Original: $1,154)
  • E–2: New rate: $1,273 (Original: $1,154)
  • E–3: New rate: $1,273 (Original: $1,154)
  • E–4: New rate: $1,273 (Original: $1,154)
  • E–5: New rate: $1,273 (Original: $1,154)
  • E–6: New rate: $1,273 (Original: $1,154)
  • E–7: New rate: $1,317 (Original: $1,194)
  • E–8: New rate: $1,389 (Original: $1,260)
  • E–9: New rate: $1,449 (Original: $1,314)
  • Warrant Officers:
  • W–1: New rate: $1,344 (Original: $1,219)
  • W–2: New rate: $1,396 (Original: $1,267)
  • W–3: New rate: $1,438 (Original: $1,305)
  • W–4: New rate: $1,521 (Original: $1,380)
  • Commissioned Officers:
  • O–1: New rate: $1,344 (Original: $1,219)
  • O–2: New rate: $1,389 (Original: $1,260)
  • O–3: New rate: $1,485 (Original: $1,347)
  • O–4: New rate: $1,573 (Original: $1,427)
  • O–5: New rate: $1,732 (Original: $1,571)
  • O–6: New rate: $1,953 (Original: $1,771)
  • O–7: New rate: $2,108 (Original: $1,912)
  • O–8: New rate: $2,315 (Original: $2,100)
  • O–9: New rate: $2,476 (Original: $2,246)
  • O–10: New rate: $2,715 (Original: $2,463)

These updated rates represent a significant increase from the original DIC rates, offering enhanced financial support to the surviving spouses of veterans in recognition of their service and sacrifice.


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