A Promise to Our Heroes: My Commitment to Veterans and Their Families in California

As a prospective member of the U.S. House of Representatives, I am deeply moved by the sacrifices of our veterans and their families. These heroes have not only protected our freedoms but have also greatly enriched the fabric of our society, especially in California.

The recent NDAA 2024 5.2% pay raise for military service members is long overdue (since 2002) and well deserved, however we must consider the unique high cost of living in California.

In recognition of their immense contributions, I am committed to taking concrete legal steps to support them, mainly through a 10% increase in Dependency and Indemnity Compensation (DIC) benefits. Here’s my detailed plan to turn this commitment into a reality:

1. Drafting and Introducing Targeted Legislation

  • The Veterans’ Families Welfare Bill: My first step will be to draft and introduce legislation specifically aimed at increasing DIC benefits by 10% for veterans’ families residing in California. This bill will be crafted with careful consideration of California’s unique cost of living and the diverse needs of military families.
  • Inclusive Consultation: I will collaborate with veterans’ groups, financial experts, legal advisors, and community leaders to ensure the legislation is comprehensive and addresses all relevant concerns.

2. Building a Strong Coalition

  • Bipartisan Support: Garnering bipartisan support is crucial. I will work tirelessly to bring my colleagues from both sides of the aisle on board, emphasizing this initiative’s patriotic and economic significance.
  • Engaging with Veteran Advocates: Strengthening alliances with veterans’ advocacy organizations will be vital to building momentum. Their insights and support will be invaluable in advocating for the bill.

3. Research and Data-Driven Advocacy

  • Economic Impact Studies: I will commission studies to illustrate the positive impact of veterans and their families on California’s economy and society. This data will be instrumental in demonstrating the need for and benefits of the proposed DIC increase.
  • Public Awareness Campaign: Educating the public about the contributions of veterans and their families is vital. A targeted campaign will raise awareness and garner public support for the legislation.

4. Navigating the Legislative Process

  • Committee Work: Ensuring the bill is thoroughly reviewed and favorably reported out of committees like Veterans Affairs and Armed Services will be a priority.
  • Floor Debates and Votes: I will actively participate in floor debates, articulating the bill’s importance to my fellow lawmakers. Preparing for votes in both the House and, eventually, the Senate will be a critical focus.

5. Continuous Advocacy and Monitoring

  • Ongoing Dialogue: Keeping the conversation alive is essential. I will continuously advocate for the bill through various channels, including social media, town halls, and media appearances.
  • Monitoring and Adjustments: Even after the bill’s passage, I will monitor its implementation and impact, ready to make any necessary adjustments through further legislative action.

6. Collaboration with State Officials

  • State-Level Support: While the federal government administers DIC, state-level collaboration is crucial. I will work with California state officials to ensure smooth implementation and to explore additional state-level benefits for veterans’ families.

This is more than a campaign promise; it’s a sacred commitment to those who have bravely served our nation and their families who have sacrificed alongside them. Through these steps, I aim to enhance their financial well-being and show that in California and across our nation, we honor and support our veterans not just in words but in concrete, meaningful actions. Let’s stand together in making this vision a reality, a fitting tribute to our heroes and their families.


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