Why a Campaign Finance Afterdivit

As a candidate for the Congressional seat in California’s 51st District, I have consistently endeavored to set precedents in various domains. This pursuit is a strategic effort to highlight the distinctive qualities that set me apart from fellow candidates, namely Sara Jacobs, Bill Wells, and Stan Caplan.

The status quo in Congressional operations necessitates a transformative shift. As candidates for Congress, we bear the responsibility to act as agents of significant reform. Among my pioneering initiatives in this race, the most salient involves my proposal to establish the Gaza Genocide Congressional Commission. This body, unprecedented in the 2024 United States Congressional elections, aims to meticulously investigate, substantiate, and prosecute, under both domestic and international legal frameworks, the involvement of certain U.S. Congresspersons in the Gaza Genocide.

It is imperative to ensure that atrocities akin to the Gaza Genocide are never repeated. Those complicit – the perpetrators, enablers, and facilitators – must face accountability under the total weight of domestic and international law. The genocide, I argue, was facilitated by the implicit financial, military, logistical, and legislative support of these U.S. Congresspersons.

To elucidate, had Israel been aware of its isolation in terms of financial, logistical, and international support, rendering it solely accountable for any offensive actions against one of the world’s most densely populated regions, the likelihood of a full-scale invasion that escalated into genocide would have been significantly reduced. Without the backing of the United States, Israel might have opted for more contained, precision-based military operations rather than initiating a large-scale ground invasion and extensive air and sea assaults that led to egregious crimes against humanity.

However, it must be acknowledged that while the Israeli government and military were the direct executors of these actions, the involvement of certain U.S. Congresspersons through financial, military, logistical, and policy support was instrumental in enabling the Gaza Genocide.

In line with these concerns, I have introduced what I refer to as the ‘Campaign Finance Afterdivit’ on our campaign website. This document provides a concise, transparent overview of campaign finances. I am hoping other candidates will emulate this initiative, as it is crucial for voters to be informed about the financial backers of our Congressional representatives, especially regarding contributions from organizations like AIPAC (American Israeli Political Action Committee) and J Street.

Consistent with my ethical stance, I have refrained from seeking or accepting contributions or support from AIPAC or J Street. This decision stems not only from the moral implications of the Gaza Genocide but also due to the potential compromise.


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