Email sent To Sara Jacobs, Bill Wells, & Stan Caplan for My Urgent Adoption of the San Diego Storm Water System Emergency Funding Act

To: Honorable US House Representative Sara Jacobs, Democrat,

From: Fuji For Congress, 51st Congressional District Candidate, Independent,

Date: February 1st, 2024

Regarding: Urgent Adoption of the San Diego Storm Water System Emergency Funding Act

I hope this message finds you well. My name is Hilaire Fuji Shioura, and I am a concerned resident of San Diego. I am writing to bring to your attention a matter of urgent significance for our community – the San Diego Storm Water System Emergency Funding Act.

As you know, San Diego has been grappling with substantial challenges concerning its stormwater system. This situation has led to increased risks of flooding and property damage. It has burdened homeowners, businesses, and, notably, our military bases and their families and tenants. The consequences of this issue extend beyond individual losses, posing a broader threat to the well-being and safety of our entire community.

In light of these concerns, I drafted the San Diego Storm Water System Emergency Funding Act personally. This proposed legislation seeks to secure immediate federal funding for our stormwater system’s essential repair, upgrade, and maintenance. The act is not merely a response to the current crisis but a proactive measure to safeguard our city against future emergencies and to ensure the resilience of our infrastructure.

Given this issue’s urgency and broad impact, I request your support in adopting this act as soon as possible. Your backing is crucial in mobilizing the necessary resources and in demonstrating a solid commitment to the welfare of our city and its residents.

I understand the complexities of the legislative process and appreciate the consideration and effort required to advance such a proposal. However, adopting this act is pivotal to protecting our community and upholding the quality of life for you, me, and all San Diegans.

Additionally, it is essential to note that the official primary election date is set for Tuesday, March 5th, 2024. Many district voters will receive mail-in ballots as early as February 2024. Understanding the significance of informed decision-making, I am fully committed to engaging in a thorough and respectful public debate focused exclusively on the critical issue of San Diego’s Stormwater system. This discourse will be instrumental in ensuring that the electorate of California’s 51st Congressional District is well-informed ahead of the election. I am prepared to participate in such a debate as soon as possible to facilitate a comprehensive understanding of the challenges and solutions related to our stormwater system.

As a congressional candidate, voter, and native San Diegan, I am confident that if you can support and vote for spending nearly a trillion dollars, many billions of dollars going towards the war and conflicts in Ukraine and Israel, there must be a way to fund our San Diego Storm Water System Emergency Funding Act. I want peace in Ukraine, and I want peace for Palestine and Israel, and your family in Israel, and for my friends in Israel and Palestine. However, we must immediately prioritize the San Diego Storm Water System Emergency Funding Act for our schools, students, homeowners, businesses, environment, military, and national security.

The San Diego Storm Water System Emergency Funding Act I drafted can be reviewed at:

Thank you for your attention to this matter. I am available for any further discussion or clarification you require, and I am looking forward to your positive response and support.




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