Embracing Transparency and Democracy: Meet the Candidates

Embracing Transparency and Democracy: Why Listing Political Opponents on My Campaign Website is the Ethical Choice

In an age where political campaigns often resemble battlegrounds more than platforms for healthy discourse, it’s crucial to ask: what truly serves the interests of a democracy? The answer lies not in the shadows of obscured information but in the clear light of transparency. This is why I’ve made a decision that sets my campaign apart: listing my political opponents on my campaign website.

This move is unorthodox and radical. Yet, it is deeply rooted in the principles of ethical campaigning and democratic integrity. We foster a well-informed electorate by providing voters with information about all candidates. Knowledge is power; in a democracy, this power rightfully belongs to the people, you the voter.

Imagine a political landscape where transparency is the norm, not the exception. Where candidates compete not on deception or obfuscation, but on the merit of their ideas and the strength of their character. By listing my political opponents, I am championing this vision. It’s a gesture of respect – respect for the voters’ intelligence and their right to make informed choices.

This approach is a clear departure from the tactics employed by career politicians who often prefer a less informed electorate, as it helps them maintain power, political influence, and acquire more money.

By contrast, I am committed to elevating the standard of political campaigning. Visit my website not just to learn about my policies and vision but also to understand all your options. Together, let’s make this election a triumph of democracy over partisanship.

Meet the Candidates

For California’s 51st Congressional District
Election on Tuesday, March 5th, Tuesday, 2024


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