Gaza Genocide

As a future congressman, I am deeply committed to justice and peace. I vow to rigorously investigate, prove, and prosecute under both domestic and international laws those members of Congress who have been involved in facilitating, financially profiting from, and exacerbating the Gaza Genocide in Gaza, especially those who opposed a humanitarian ceasefire. Additionally, I strongly support a two-state solution, advocating for the peaceful co-existence of a state of Palestine and Israel. This stance reflects my belief in the importance of human rights, international law, and the need for ethical leadership in resolving conflicts and promoting global harmony.

As your future congressperson, my legal strategy will include leveraging Congressional oversight powers to initiate investigations into misconduct related to the Gaza Genocide. This involves working with relevant committees to gather evidence and testimonies. Legally, prosecution under domestic laws may involve exploring violations of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act or other relevant statutes. Internationally, collaboration with the International Criminal Court and other bodies may be necessary to address potential violations of international law.

Concretely, I can draft or support legislation promoting accountability and transparency in foreign affairs, ensuring that U.S. foreign policy aligns with international human rights standards. Additionally, I will advocate for diplomatic efforts towards a two-state solution, fostering dialogue and support for initiatives that lead to a peaceful co-existence between Palestine and Israel. My role will also include engaging with various stakeholders, from international organizations to grassroots movements, to build a consensus around these critical issues.

In Summary

As your next United States House Representative in Congress, I stand with a commitment that sets me apart. Unlike my fellow 51st Congressional District candidates Congresswoman Sara Jacobs, Mayor Bill Wells, and Stan Caplan.

I possess a deep, unwavering passion for justice, especially in addressing the horrors of the Gaza Genocide.

This tragedy, which I and the international community term a genocide, demands more than just words; it requires concrete actions. I pledge to relentlessly pursue the prosecution of those responsible, under both domestic and international law. If justice, human rights, and the prevention of future genocides are close to your heart, I ask for your support. Vote for a candidate who doesn’t just speak of justice, but who will actively fight for it.

Vote for a future where accountability is not just an ideal, but a reality. Your vote for me is a vote for justice, a vote for a world where atrocities like the Gaza Genocide are not just condemned, but actively prosecuted. Together, let’s make a stand for what is right.


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