California’s 51st Congressional candidate FUJI FOR CONGRESS

As an Independent Congressional candidate, I am committed to working hard for my district’s people and ensuring their voices are heard, for our Independent, Democratic, and Republican voters and immigrant families.

My values align with those of our great nation: patriotism, family values, education reform, school choice, respect for the United States Constitution, lower taxes, immigration reform to keep families together, sensible and compassionate border security, energy independence, ensuring food security, lowering the cost of living, universal healthcare and education, election integrity, law and order enforcement, protecting our environment while fighting for small businesses to remain cash flow positive.

I have been an educator my entire life – teaching lessons to our future generations and helping them prepare for success in their future endeavors. As someone who understands the importance of a good education in developing productive citizens of society, I strongly advocate for school choice so that students can find the best fit for their academic goals. In addition to this commitment to educational reform, I also understand the importance of parental rights in ensuring parents have a say in what kind of educational experience their children receive.

My dedication to fiscal responsibility is just as steadfast as my commitment to education reform. I firmly believe in keeping taxes low so that citizens can keep more of their own money and use it to build up their local economy or pay off debt or expenses such as college tuition or medical bills.

My views on immigration are equally informed by both compassion and pragmatism. It is imperative that immigrants coming into this country are welcomed with open arms while respecting our laws by going through proper channels when entering the U.S., including getting a permit before crossing any borders. This means ensuring that our borders are secure and properly monitored by working together with Mexico, at all times, which I would provide if elected to office.

In addition to these core pro-education values guiding my actions as a candidate running for office in my district, I am also passionate about preserving and protecting our environment so that future generations can live without worrying about climate change and environmental degradation. Every day we see stories about rising temperatures leading to droughts or extreme weather conditions resulting from human activities – this is why we must take responsible steps toward protecting our planet from further harm.

Finally, but most importantly – having lived here my entire life – supporting local small businesses is critical due to economic growth and strengthening community ties within our district. Allowing a pro-education candidate like me into office will help ensure our small business owners receive protection from the Washington DC, bureaucracy.

So, they can continue creating jobs within local communities where they can be proud employers who pay fair wages and provide goods/services at affordable prices.

These core pro-education values guide me daily as I work hard on behalf of voters within my district, making sure each voice matters when it comes time to cast your ballot.

If you decide to elect me, rest assured that your schools will receive much-needed support, knowing our tax dollars will be well spent. Your families will remain safe. Pro-business policies will be enacted, and parental rights will be respected. Immigration reforms will be enacted, and most importantly, laws and regulations will be enforced.

Vote for me – Fuji – and together, let’s create a brighter America based upon sound principles which offer hope and opportunity for all!