My Economic Formula for Fusion Energy: Crafting a Future of Resource Peace

In developing an economic formula to capture the transformative power of fusion energy, I’ve centered it around the Peace → Prosperity → Security (P→P→S) framework. This formula is my way of quantitatively and qualitatively understanding how fusion energy can lead us to a future free from resource wars while driving global economic, environmental, and security advancements.

My Fusion Energy Economic Formula (FEEF)


In this formula:

  1. P (Peace): This is all about Fusion Cooperation and Resource Stability.
  • FCR (Fusion Cooperation Rate): This measures the level of international collaboration in fusion R & D. A higher rate indicates stronger global cooperation, reducing conflicts over traditional energy resources.
  • EDS (Energy Dependency Score): This score shows how much a nation relies on fossil fuels. Lower scores would mean reduced chances for resource-driven conflicts.
  • GPI (Global Peace Index): An established index that I use to assess how peaceful countries are, influenced by energy security and reduced resource competition.
  1. Pr (Prosperity): I focus on Economic Diversification and Technological Innovation here.
  • EDI (Economic Diversification Index): This shows how well an economy is diversified beyond oil and gas. Higher values suggest a more resilient economy.
  • TDI (Technological Development Index): This index measures the impact of fusion-related technologies on the broader economy. Higher values signify more incredible innovation and economic growth.
  • GDP_G (Gross Domestic Product Growth): This represents the economic growth rate, which is being influenced by the development of fusion energy and related industries.
  1. S (Security): I’m ensuring Environmental Sustainability and Global Security.
  • ESI (Environmental Sustainability Index): This reflects environmental protection and sustainability, which is positively impacted by clean energy sources like fusion.
  • GSI (Global Security Index): This assesses the overall security of a nation, including energy independence and reduced vulnerability to external energy shocks.

Applying My FEEF Model

P: My Approach to Promoting Peace through Fusion Energy

  • FCR: Advocate for enhancing international cooperative initiatives like ITER and establishing new global partnerships for fusion research.
  • EDS: Propose policies to transition from fossil fuels to fusion energy, reducing dependence on volatile energy sources.
  • GPI: Monitor and promote policies that contribute to global peace, benefiting from increased energy security.

Pr: How I Drive Prosperity with Fusion Technology

  • EDI: I aim to diversify local, county, and state economies by encouraging industries and sectors that arise from or are enhanced by fusion technology.
  • TDI: Support investment in R&D and innovation in fields related to fusion energy, spurring broader technological growth.
  • GDP_G: Foster economic policies that leverage the growth potential of the fusion energy sector.

S: My Strategy for a Sustainable and Safe Future

  • ESI: Prioritize fusion energy in environmental policies to reduce carbon emissions significantly and promote sustainability.
  • GSI: Develop strategies to achieve energy independence through fusion, enhancing national and global security.

My Fusion Energy Economic Formula (FEEF) offers a comprehensive framework to quantify and understand the multidimensional impacts of developing fusion energy regarding peace, prosperity, and security. By focusing on these interconnected elements, my FEEF model highlights the economic potential of fusion energy and underscores its role in creating a future where energy is a source of global unity and progress rather than conflict and division.


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