National School Choice Rights Act

Attention Parents and Legal Guardians,

You are entitled to make the best decisions for your family, especially regarding your child’s education. Imagine a world where your education tax dollars directly support the schooling choice that aligns with your child’s unique needs.

Introducing the National School Choice Rights Act, a proposal I am championing to transform this vision into reality.

This groundbreaking federal legislation pledges to allocate 100 percent of the state’s per-student base funding to support your choice. The School Choice Rights Act ensures that the funds typically designated for your child’s education in a neighborhood school will instead follow them to the educational setting of your preference, whether a private institution, specialized curriculum, home education, or other alternative educational environments.

The scope of this Act extends beyond tuition, covering a diverse array of educational necessities, including curricula, educational supplies, tutoring services, and more, ensuring a comprehensive educational experience.

Why is this essential? Reducing class sizes is the key to elevating the quality of education at high, middle, and elementary school levels. The School Choice Rights Act not only empowers and protects your rights as parents or guardians in selecting the optimal educational path for your child but also proactively supports the development of new educational institutions.

Consider this: As parents or guardians, if you possess the autonomy to select your child’s college or university, shouldn’t the same principle apply to your choice of high, middle, or elementary schools?

For decades, you have entrusted local, county, and state educational boards with the responsibility of providing safe, academically robust schools. Unfortunately, many schools continue to struggle with safety and academic performance issues. This Act addresses these ongoing challenges, offering a practical, legal solution.

Moreover, it’s no secret that our students must catch up in global academic rankings and overall well-being compared to their peers in countries such as China, India, and the UK. The School Choice Rights Act is a decisive step towards addressing these disparities and elevating our educational standards.

To make the School Choice Rights Act a reality, please vote for me in California’s 51st Congressional District on or before Tuesday, March 5, 2024. As the sole educator on the ballot, I am uniquely positioned to advocate for and enact these crucial changes.

Spread the word about the School Choice Rights Act to your family and friends. Together, let’s be the change our students deserve.

Vote Fuji For Congress – for the future of our children’s education.


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