As the only experienced educator candidate on the ballot for California’s 51st District, I’m uniquely positioned to champion safer schools and the rights of parents to protect our students in our elementary, middle, and high schools. My campaign is deeply committed to diversity and inclusivity, understanding firsthand the importance of these values in our district, Congress, and nation. Envision a future where every student thrives in a safe, inclusive environment, and where our community’s diversity is celebrated and utilized to foster unity and progress.

Additionally, I stand out as the only pro-military and anti-war candidate, advocating for the support of our military not through spending billions of dollars on unnecessary wars like Iraq, Afghanistan, Ukraine, and the Israel Gaza Genocide, but rather by reallocating those funds towards better pay and services for our military families and veterans. This approach underscores my commitment to both strengthening our national defense and fostering peace.

I am also the sole Asian minority candidate with a background as an experienced immigration advocate. My real-world experience in U.S. immigration courts, jails, and the immigration system equips me to effectively fight for the rights of immigrant families, ensuring they remain united, and to introduce meaningful, sensible, and urgent immigration reform that secures our borders, supports our US Border Patrol, and modernizes our immigration system to be more cost-effective, efficient, transparent, and accountable.

Your vote and donation can help elevate these crucial perspectives and policies. Support our campaign for a district that champions parental rights, student safety, rich diversity, and a thoughtful approach to military support and foreign policy.

Join me in this journey towards a better tomorrow, where we prioritize the well-being and prosperity of our community, our military families, and our nation as a whole.


Education By Innovation

  • Discover how we can revolutionize our education system together. On my education policy page, you’ll find detailed proposals that address the urgent need for education reform. From enhancing teacher support to integrating technology in classrooms, my plans are designed to prepare our students for a successful future. Explore the specifics of my vision for a transformative educational landscape, where every child has the opportunity to thrive. Your involvement is crucial – let’s pave the way for a brighter educational future. Read more about my education reform policies and proposals here.
Candidate Fuji For Congress

Embracing Transparency and Democracy: Meet the Candidates

  • In an age where political campaigns often resemble battlegrounds more than platforms for healthy discourse, it’s crucial to ask: what truly serves the interests of a democracy? The answer lies not in the shadows of obscured information but in the clear light of transparency. This is why I’ve made a decision that sets my campaign apart: listing my political opponents on my campaign website to ensure a well-informed electorate.
Candidate Fuji For Congress

Sign Our Petition

  • Mandate Clear Labeling for Independent Candidates in Federal Elections
  • Are you concerned about the confusing labels for independent voters and candidates in federal elections? 
  • This petition calls on the U.S. Congress to mandate a standardized naming convention, using “Independent” universally. This change stems from the inconsistencies and misleading practices observed across states, especially in California.

My projects

I am dedicated to fostering an era of peace, prosperity, and security, driven by innovative and compassionate solutions.

I invite you to join me in this journey towards creating a brighter, more inclusive future. Together, we can make a meaningful difference.

Here are some of my personal projects:

Endorsement for FUJI by 2022 Green Party Gubernatorial Candidate Heather collins

  • Women Rights
  • Environmental Justice