We have stop Endless Wars Before It Ends Us!

Preventing the upcoming war with China

As an anti-war congressional candidate, my unwavering stance opposes the reactivation of the North Airfield on Tinian Island by the US Air Force. This site, infamously implicated in the 1945 nuclear attacks on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, which resulted in over 100,000 fatalities, is a stark symbol of war’s horrific legacy. Reopening this airfield not only revives painful historical memories but also heightens tensions with China, echoing the ominous shadow of nuclear conflict. Our focus should instead be on fostering peace and channeling our resources into pressing domestic needs, moving away from the specter of war towards a future anchored in cooperation and shared prosperity.

Supporting anti-war congressional candidates like myself is pivotal for refocusing our priorities on community-centric issues. In San Diego, critical concerns such as veteran care, education, infrastructure, homelessness, and housing require urgent attention. Redirecting military expansion funds to these areas can yield significant improvements. Electing anti-war representatives ensures that taxpayer dollars are used to enhance community well-being, offer effective support to our veterans, and cultivate a peaceful, thriving society. Their role in Congress is essential in advocating for policies that prioritize domestic growth over military buildup.

My perception that China’s main challenge to US dominance is economic rather than military is supported by its global economic strategies. China’s extensive investments in international infrastructure and trade initiatives, like the Belt and Road Initiative, emphasize its concentration on economic expansion and influence. Historically showing restraint in military aggression, China appears to favor economic methods to establish its global stature, suggesting a preference to avoid direct military confrontation with the US, aiming instead to solidify its status as an economic leader.

The astronomical costs of wars, exemplified by the $8 trillion spent on the Iraq and Afghanistan conflicts, could have been allocated to vital domestic programs such as universal healthcare, universal basic income, and student debt forgiveness. This disparity underscores the urgency of pursuing peaceful solutions and investing in our nation’s welfare, rather than engaging in expensive and devastating wars.

What can you do?

If you’re disheartened by endless conflicts and misaligned priorities, consider the recent situations in Ukraine and Israel-Palestine. They underscore a crucial issue: the need for our leaders to prioritize peace and prosperity.

Imagine a future where your taxes fund healthcare, education, and infrastructure, not warfare. As your congressional candidate, I am committed to turning this vision into reality.

Picture our community flourishing, with resources dedicated to constructing a better tomorrow for everyone, steering clear of unnecessary international disputes.

Sara Jacobs, a Democrat, and my political opponent for California’s 51st Congressional District, cast her vote in favor of the Republican-sponsored bill H.R.2670, a decision that resoundingly echoes and accererates the drumbeat of war with China. This vote is not just a political move; it’s a deeply troubling and perilous choice that nudges us closer to the brink of an unavoidable conflict with China. Such a bill is not merely reckless; it’s a glaringly dangerous and detrimental path, steering us toward a future marred by inevitable warfare. This decision goes against everything we’ve discussed about promoting peace, understanding, and focusing on domestic growth over military escalation.

In voting yes to H.R.2670, Sara Jacobs has aligned herself with a course of action that risks the safety, prosperity, and peace we strive so earnestly to achieve, both at home and on the global stage.

Our brave women and men in our Army, Airforce, Navy, Marines, Coast Guard, and Space Force deserve better congressional representation that fosters peace, prosperity, and security.

We, the voters of California and the nation deserve and want peace, prosperity and security now more than ever!

Make a difference by voting on Tuesday, March 5th, 2024. Your vote for me represents a step towards peace, prosperity, and a brighter future for both San Diego and the broader United States.


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