“Securing Our Future: A Commitment to Enhance San Diego’s Storm Water Safety and Prosperity”

As a candidate for Congress in California’s 51st Congressional District, I want to address a critical issue that directly impacts our community in San Diego: the urgent need to enhance our storm drain system. This system is vital for ensuring our residents’ health, safety, and quality of life. We can avoid flooding, sinkholes, and extensive property damage with proper maintenance. These issues burden us with increased maintenance and liability costs and jeopardize our thriving tourism industry.

San Diego’s significance extends beyond our local community. We are the proud home of Naval Base San Diego, the principal homeport of the Pacific Fleet Surface Navy. This base supports 56 U.S. Navy ships, two auxiliary vessels, the USNS Mercy (TAH-19), and over 200 tenant commands with specific fleet support roles. Our city regularly hosts a range of U.S. and foreign naval vessels, highlighting its strategic importance to California and our nation’s security.

Recognizing this, it is clear that San Diego deserves and requires special attention, particularly regarding federal funding for our storm drain system. This is not just a local infrastructure issue; it’s a matter of national security, given our substantial military and defense industry presence.

For too long, career politicians have sidelined this crucial issue, focusing on other priorities that don’t serve our community’s immediate needs. As your representative in Congress, I pledge to change this narrative. I am committed to actively seeking the federal funds necessary to upgrade, repair, improve, modernize, and expand our storm drain system. This is about safeguarding our community, supporting our military, and ensuring San Diego continues to be a vibrant and safe place to live and visit.

On Tuesday, March 54th, 2024, your vote for Fuji For Congress is for proactive, dedicated leadership. From day one in office, I will prioritize drafting legislation to secure the stormwater funding we critically need. Let’s take this step towards a safer, more secure, and thriving San Diego.


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