Uniting San Diego: A Non-Partisan Approach to Solving Homelessness

Dear Fellow San Diegans,

In a political landscape often divided by party lines, I stand before you not as a Democrat nor a Republican, but as a MARIA candidate – a beacon of unity and progress. As an educator, technologist, a proven elected official, and founder of the new and upcoming political party called MARIA, my career has been rooted in speaking truth to power and advocating for transformative change. My bid for Congress is driven by a commitment to tackle one of San Diego’s most urgent issues – the homelessness crisis.

Our beautiful city faces a growing homelessness problem that impacts not just individuals, but families, children, and our brave veterans. This crisis transcends political affiliations; it’s a humanitarian concern that demands immediate and effective solutions. As your future congressman, I am dedicated to securing more federal funding and resources, prioritizing the needs of our homeless families, children, and veterans.

Families and Children at the Forefront

The plight of homeless families and children in our community is heartbreaking and necessitates urgent action. My approach involves building partnerships with local organizations and leveraging innovative technologies to offer sustainable solutions for these families. This strategy encompasses affordable housing access and a network of support services.

Honoring Our Veterans

Our veterans have served our nation valiantly, and it is our moral obligation to support them in their times of need. My commitment includes ensuring they have access to proper housing, healthcare, and job opportunities. Our gratitude for their service must be reflected in our actions.

Bridging Divides Through Technology and Innovation

As a technologist, I believe in the potential of innovative solutions to address complex challenges like homelessness. I propose a data-driven methodology to unearth the root causes of homelessness and create precise, impactful interventions. By harnessing technology, we can make services more efficient and accessible.

A Non-Partisan Call to Action

Addressing homelessness in San Diego demands a united front, beyond the constraints of traditional party politics. As a MARIA candidate, I am uniquely positioned to work collaboratively with both Democrats and Republicans in our highly polarized Congress. My mission is to be an unwavering advocate for the vulnerable in our society. Together, we can build a compassionate, innovative, and inclusive San Diego.

Join this vital mission. Your support, voice, and vote are crucial in making a tangible difference. Let’s collaborate to forge a brighter, more united future for San Diego.

With hope and unwavering commitment,


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