Uniting Two Transformative Ideas: Expanding the House and Single Line Item Voting

In the quest to enhance our democratic processes, two revolutionary proposals stand out: expanding the U.S. House of Representatives to 662 members and implementing single-line item voting in Congress. Together, these ideas can significantly elevate our legislative system’s efficiency, transparency, and accountability. Let’s explore how these two proposals, in tandem, can reshape the American legislative landscape.

Complementary Reforms for a Stronger Democracy
Synergy of Representation and Precision: Expanding the House increases representation, while single-line item voting brings precision and accountability to legislative decisions. This combination ensures that a broader spectrum of American voices is heard and accurately represented in every decision made in Congress.

Enhanced Accountability with Single Line Item Voting
Clear Responsibility: Single-line item voting allows constituents to see precisely where their representatives stand on specific issues. This transparency is even more effective with a more significant House, as it prevents representatives from getting lost in the crowd, ensuring they remain accountable to their voters.

Focused Legislation: Single line item voting encourages straightforward and targeted legislation, reducing the likelihood of unrelated riders and pork-barrel spending. With more representatives, each member has a heightened responsibility to justify their votes to a more engaged and diverse electorate.

Streamlining Legislative Efficiency
Efficient Decision-Making: A more significant House, combined with single line item voting, streamlines legislative processes. Representatives can focus on specific issues rather than complex, multi-faceted bills, leading to more efficient and timely decision-making.

Reducing Partisan Gridlock: With single-line item voting, representatives are likelier to vote based on the issue’s merit rather than party lines, primarily when representing more minor, more diverse districts. This approach can reduce partisan gridlock, enabling Congress to function more smoothly and responsively.

Encouraging Thoughtful Deliberation
In-Depth Analysis: Single line item voting compels representatives to consider each aspect of a bill independently. In a more significant House, a broader range of viewpoints are brought to each decision, promoting more thorough and thoughtful legislative deliberation.

My expansion of the House to 662 members and the implementation of single-line-item voting are not just individual improvements; they are complementary reforms that promise a more democratic, transparent, and effective Congress. By ensuring more excellent representation and more accountable, precise legislative processes, we pave the way for a Congress that truly reflects and responds to the diverse needs and aspirations of the American people. Let’s embrace these changes as separate ideas and a unified vision for a revitalized American democracy.

Uniting for a Reinvigorated Democracy: My Promise for a Better Congress

To my fellow voters in California’s 51st Congressional District, both Democrats and Republicans, who are disillusioned by the inefficiency and polarization in Congress, I offer a transformative vision. We stand at a crossroads where we can either continue down the path of stagnation or choose a future of effective governance. I invite you to join me in embracing two groundbreaking proposals: expanding the U.S. House of Representatives to 662 members and implementing single-line-item voting. These are not just isolated reforms; they represent a synergistic approach to revitalizing our democracy.

Expanding the House: A Voice for Every American
Imagine a Congress where every voice matters, where the diversity of our great nation is genuinely represented. Increasing the number of representatives ensures that every community has a seat at the table, making Congress more reflective of our nation’s rich tapestry. This expansion isn’t about numbers; it’s about giving power back to the people, ensuring that every American’s concerns and aspirations are heard.

Single-Line Item Voting: Clarity and Accountability
Transparency is the cornerstone of trust. With single-line item voting, every vote cast by a representative clearly states their stance, unobscured by the complexities of multi-issue bills. This method allows you, the voters, to hold your representatives accountable, to see beyond party lines, and to understand exactly where they stand on the issues that matter to you.

Together, Stronger
These reforms are mutually reinforcing. A larger House dilutes the power of individual representatives to hide within the crowd, while single-line item voting ensures their decisions are visible and accountable. This combination promises a Congress where decisions are made not for political gain but for the good of the people.

A Commitment to You
My commitment is to a Congress that works efficiently, where decisions are made swiftly and with clarity. A Congress where partisan gridlock is a thing of the past, and where thoughtful deliberation leads to legislation that truly addresses the needs of our nation.

Join Me in this Vision
This is not just a campaign promise; it’s a commitment to a more effective, efficient, accountable, and transparent Congress—a commitment to a government that serves its people, not political interests. Join me in this transformative journey to reshape our legislative landscape and renew the promise of American democracy.

Together, we can turn these visionary ideas into reality and build a Congress that represents and responds to all of us.

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