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Building Bridges for a Better Tomorrow and Not War: My Vision for USA-China Relations

In a world teeming with complexity and challenges, the relationship between the United States and China stands out as one of the most critical. As a part of my campaign, I am proud to introduce a special section titled “China,” dedicated to addressing concerns about China and the United States with honesty, directness, and innovation. I focus on national security, economy, and diplomacy. We highlight my unique stance as the only congressional candidate actively proposing future legislation to foster stronger diplomatic relations with China to ensure binational peace, security, and prosperity.

Why Diplomacy with China Matters

In the current geopolitical climate, we observe a worrying trend where Republican and Democratic congresspersons increasingly advocate for an aggressive stance toward China. This ‘war drum’ rhythm not only heightens tensions but also risks the prosperity and security of both nations. In stark contrast, my campaign is firmly anti-war, believing in the power of diplomacy and dialogue.

My Vision: Stronger Binational Ties for Peace and Security

The heart of my proposal lies in building stronger socioeconomic ties and goodwill between China and America. I believe that by enhancing these connections, we can ensure a future marked by peace and security, not conflict and division. I propose the following key initiatives:

Legislative Action for Diplomatic Engagement: I plan to introduce legislation that promotes increased diplomatic interactions and cultural exchanges between the U.S. and China. This legislation will create a framework for regular dialogue, collaboration on global challenges like climate change, and shared research initiatives.

Economic Partnerships for Mutual Benefit: Recognizing the intertwined nature of the U.S. and Chinese economies, my focus will be on fostering trade relations that are fair, sustainable, and beneficial to both parties. This approach will seek to reduce tariffs that harm consumers and businesses and encourage joint ventures that promote technological and industrial advancement.

Cultural and Educational Exchanges: Strengthening ties isn’t just about government policies; it’s about people. I advocate for increased cultural and educational exchanges, believing mutual understanding and respect are foundational to long-lasting peace.

Collaborative Security Frameworks: In national security, I emphasize collaboration over confrontation. This means working with China on shared security concerns, such as cybersecurity and counter-terrorism, within a framework that respects sovereignty and promotes regional stability.

A Unique Stand in a Polarized Political Landscape

My campaign offers a distinct and hopeful alternative in a political environment often characterized by polarization and brinkmanship. I am committed to steering the conversation toward constructive engagement with China, advocating for a policy prioritizing diplomacy over conflict. I envision a future where the United States and China, as two of the world’s leading powers, work together to address global challenges and pave the way for a more peaceful, prosperous world.

Your Support Matters

This vision can only become a reality with your support. I invite you to join me in this journey to reshape U.S.-China relations for the better. Together, we can make a difference, promoting peace, stability, and mutual prosperity. Visit to learn more and support our campaign for a brighter future.

Fuji for Congress: Building Bridges for a Better Tomorrow and Not War


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