Veteran’s Post Office Naming Act

As a candidate for the esteemed office of Representative for California’s 51st Congressional District, with the election scheduled for March 5th, 2024, I am privileged to engage with the distinguished members of our community who have served or are serving in the United States Armed Forces. Their valiant service and sacrifices have been pivotal in upholding the freedoms and values that define our nation, thereby contributing significantly to the prosperity and well-being of San Diego.

In my capacity as a congressional candidate, and with a vision to serve as a dedicated member of Congress, I am resolved to champion legislation that embodies both legal precision and patriotic spirit.

I propose the “Veteran’s Post Office Naming Act,” a legislative initiative aimed at instituting a principled and standardized approach to naming post office facilities. This act would mandate that only the names of individuals who have honorably served in the U.S. Armed Forces and resided in the respective state be considered for such commemorations. This policy ensures that our postal facilities pay homage to true American heroes, reflecting our national gratitude and respect for their service.

Furthermore, this legislation intends to revise the current practice by permitting the renaming of post offices that are presently named after politicians. This process will be inclusive, seeking input from congresspersons, local officials, and community members, reinforcing democratic participation. Notably, the act will prohibit the naming of postal facilities after any living individual, thereby safeguarding this honor’s integrity and preventing potential conflicts of interest.

Additionally, the act will preclude congresspersons from naming post offices after politicians within their political party or any living individuals who have not served in the military. This measure is intended to maintain such tributes’ apolitical and impartial nature.

This legislative proposal starkly contrasts certain practices observed in recent political history. For instance, the naming of a postal facility in San Diego, located at 6401 El Cajon Boulevard, after Susan A. Davis, a longstanding political figure and almost three-decade career politician, under the aegis of H.R. 9308 (117th), sponsored by Democrat Sara Jacobs and enacted by President Biden, exemplifies a trend that my proposal seeks to amend.

In my view, the focus of career politicians on such symbolic gestures, while important, should not overshadow the pressing and tangible issues facing our communities, such as the escalation in living costs, the surge in homelessness, rising crime rates, and the ailing and dilapidated stormwater and infrastructure challenges in San Diego. These issues warrant immediate and effective legislative action.

The “Veteran’s Post Office Naming Act” is not merely a legislative proposal; it is a commitment to honor our nation’s defenders and a testament to our collective responsibility to prioritize substantive policy-making over symbolic politics. This act is a step towards rectifying the oversight of our veterans’ sacrifices and refocusing our legislative efforts on critical issues that impact the lives of our citizens.

In closing, I wish to underscore a fundamental distinction in the governance and public service approach. While some career politicians like Sara Jacobs have prioritized symbolic gestures, such as renaming post offices after political allies — in pursuit of favors or political capital — I firmly believe our focus must be redirected towards more pressing and consequential matters. The critical issue is the dire state of our stormwater infrastructure in San Diego, which poses significant risks to homeowners, businesses, schools, parks, roads, and, most importantly, public health.

The chronic underinvestment and neglect in our stormwater systems have reached a critical point where mere acknowledgment is no longer sufficient. Immediate and substantial action is required. Our community faces the real and present danger of flooding, environmental degradation, and the resultant economic and health repercussions. These are not mere inconveniences but are serious threats that could impact our way of life and the future of our city.

As your representative, my commitment is to fight tirelessly for the federal funding and support necessary to address these stormwater issues. This is not just an infrastructure problem but a matter of public safety, environmental stewardship, and civic responsibility. We must prioritize the well-being and security of our citizens, the integrity of our environment, and the sustainability of our community’s future over partisan politics and symbolic gestures.

Therefore, while some may choose to focus on the renaming of postal facilities as a form of political favoritism, I stand firm in my conviction that our resources, attention, and legislative efforts must be channeled toward resolving the urgent issues that directly impact the lives and safety of the people of San Diego. This is not just a promise but a solemn duty to serve the interests of our community and uphold the values of responsible and responsive governance.


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