Why Asians should Vote FUJI For Congress in 2024

Dear fellow members of the Asian community in California’s 51st Congressional District,

I am reaching out with a heartfelt appeal for your support in the upcoming election on March 5th, Tuesday, 2024. As an Asian American – a proud son of a Japanese immigrant and a dedicated educator – I am uniquely positioned to understand and represent our diverse community in Congress. You also have the option to vote for me before March 5th through your mail-in ballot.

Our district is at a crossroads, with four candidates vying for the seat. Our political opponents, Sara Jacobs, Bill Wells, and Stan Caplan, bring their perspectives, but I stand before you as the only Asian candidate and the only educator in this race. This distinction is not just about representation; it’s about having a voice in Congress that intimately understands the collective aspirations and challenges of our Asian community.

I’m asking for your vote and the opportunity to be a voice for our Asian community. As an educator, I have worked tirelessly to protect our Asian students from discrimination and bullying. I have strived to celebrate and expand our rich, vibrant, and exciting Asian cultures and languages. My commitment extends to advocating for school choice and ensuring Asian parents have the rights and resources to make the best educational decisions for their children.

My campaign is built on a vision of Peace, Prosperity, and Security – values deeply ingrained in our Asian heritage. We strive for these in our personal lives, families, community, and nation. As the only pro-military, anti-war candidate, I am dedicated to preventing conflicts that could have devastating impacts, particularly in relations between the U.S. and China. A conflict with China would affect not only America and China but also neighboring countries like Japan, Vietnam, Korea, Thailand, India, and others. My focus is on keeping our military families – our sons, daughters, mothers, and fathers – safe from the ravages of avoidable and unnecessary wars like Iraq, Afghanistan, Ukraine, and now the new Middle East war between Israel and Palestine, which has culminated into the Gaza Genocide.

I will work tirelessly in Congress to promote peace, prosperity, and security. My detailed plan includes improving U.S.-China relations through diplomacy, closer binational monetary cooperation, and robust trade and research partnerships. These efforts are critical in averting a potential war and ensuring our district and nation’s stable, secure future.

As “Fuji For Congress,” I am not just a candidate; I am a member of our Asian community, proud of our families, businesses, and students who contribute so much to the 51st Congressional District. Your vote for me is for dedicated representation, a commitment to education, and a steadfast pursuit of peace, prosperity, and security for California’s 51st Congressional District, San Diego County, the state of California, and the United States of America.

Thank you for considering my candidacy. Let’s make a difference for our families, schools, local businesses, district, and future.




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