A Vote for Bill Wells is a Vote for Sara Jacobs

A Turning Point in the 51st District: Why Republican Voters Should Support FUJI

Reflecting on the Past, Looking to the Future

Dear Republican Voters of the 51st Congressional District,

As we stand on the cusp of a significant election, it’s important to remember the lessons of our past to shape our future better. In the 2022 Congressional race, incumbent Democrat Sara Jacobs decisively defeated Republican Stan Caplan, capturing 62% of the vote to Caplan’s 38%. This outcome not only demonstrated the district’s Democratic leanings but also underscored the need for a new approach.

Introducing a Unifying Candidate FUJI

As an Independent candidate — a charismatic, bilingual Spanish-speaking Asian American — I offer a fresh and inclusive alternative. My unique background and ability to connect across cultures in both Spanish and English are more than just personal attributes; they are essential tools for representing our diverse district.

Why Should Republican Voters Consider an Independent?

In this election, Republican voters have a critical choice to make. Let’s consider why supporting my Independent candidacy is a strategic and forward-thinking decision:

Understanding the District’s Dynamics: The overwhelming victory of Sara Jacobs over Stan Caplan in 2022 speaks volumes. It shows that a traditional Republican candidate faces significant challenges in our district. As an Independent, I have a realistic chance of bridging the gap, appealing to both moderate Democrats and Republicans who seek change. Likewise, as the only Asian American and fluent Spanish speaking candidate, I have an enormous advantage in our election with your support and vote.

A Vote for Bill Wells is a Vote for Sara Jacobs: History has shown that a vote for the Republican candidate in our district tends to support the Democratic incumbent due to vote splitting inadvertently. By rallying behind my candidacy, we can consolidate our efforts to offer Sara Jacobs a robust and unified challenge.

Beyond Party Lines, For the People: My campaign transcends party politics. It’s focused on pragmatic solutions that resonate with our community’s values and needs. I am committed to representing each district resident, not just a select few.

Your Voice, Our District’s Future

This election, your vote can redefine the political landscape of the 51st District. A vote for me symbolizes a commitment to inclusive, effective leadership. It’s a vote for a candidate who understands our challenges and possesses the unique skills and perspective to tackle them head-on.

Just ask yourself this question, if you are a Republican voter, and you had to vote for two candidates, the Democrat or Independent, who would you vote for?

Together, we can chart a new course that honors our values while embracing innovative solutions. I am ready to lead this charge and humbly ask for your support.

Let’s make history together and bring about the change our district deserves.


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