Why we need a Campaign Finance Afterdivit to prevent foreign election interference like AIPAC, J Street, & Others

As a candidate for California’s 51st Congressional District, I am deeply committed to enhancing election integrity through several innovative and strategic initiatives. My approach is designed to set new precedents in the political landscape and distinguish me from my fellow candidates, including Sara Jacobs, Bill Wells, and Stan Caplan.

One of my most salient initiatives is the proposal to establish the Gaza Genocide Congressional Commission. This commission, a first in the 2024 United States Congressional elections, aims to rigorously investigate and prosecute the involvement of certain U.S. Congresspersons in the Gaza Genocide under both domestic and international legal frameworks. I believe that such a commission is crucial in ensuring that atrocities like the Gaza Genocide are never repeated, and those responsible – including perpetrators, enablers, and facilitators – must be held accountable under the total weight of the law.

In my view, the genocide was facilitated by the implicit financial, military, logistical, and legislative support provided by these U.S. Congresspersons. If Israel had been aware of its isolation in terms of support, making it solely responsible for its actions, the likelihood of a full-scale invasion escalating into genocide would have been significantly reduced. The backing of the United States was, in my opinion, instrumental in enabling the Gaza Genocide.

Furthermore, I have introduced the ‘Campaign Finance Afterdivid’ on our campaign website. This document is a concise, transparent overview of our campaign finances, and I hope it will inspire other candidates to follow suit. Voters must be informed about the financial backers of Congressional representatives, particularly concerning contributions from organizations like AIPAC (American Israeli Political Action Committee) and J Street.

Consistent with my ethical stance, I have chosen not to seek or accept contributions or support from AIPAC or J Street. This decision stems not only from the moral implications of the Gaza Genocide but also from the potential compromise of integrity it represents. By setting these standards, I am advocating for a higher level of transparency and accountability in political campaigning, which is essential for maintaining the integrity of our electoral process.


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